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Last night, as I’m putting some books up on my bookshelf:

S: Momma, what are those black books about? (Gesturing to a many years old set of Time Life Paranormal books.)
M: Oh, they’re about … ghosts and silly stuff like that.
S: OH! I don’t like ghosts, ghosts are scary!
M: Boo, there’s no reason to be afraid of ghosts.  Ghosts are just like … the spirits of people who have died, coming back to say hello.  They’re not scary at all.
S: Oh. Okay momma.

About three minutes elapses.

S: Mommy, when people die, don’t they just turn into zombies?
M: (Attempting to hide my complete and utter shock) Um … WHAT? (Failing miserably)
S: I thought when people died they just became zombies.
M: Babe, where … who told … how did zombies even POP INTO YOUR HEAD?!?
S: (Shrugging) No one told me, I just thought that was what happens. Nevermind, then.

And she went back to watching Elf.