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Tonight, at the grocery store:

1) Scrutinizing a late-40’s looking woman wearing an extremely short, yet loose fitting, velvet skirt (the result of which was that if she even slightly leaned forward, everything was on display).  “Momma? Why did that lady forget to put her pants on?”
Baby, don’t be silly, she has a skirt on.
Scrunches up her face, cocks an eyebrow skeptically – still staring at the woman), and says “That’s not a skirt.  That’s a shirt. I could see her PANTIES, momma.”
(Did I mention the woman was maybe three feet from us?)

2) Waiting in line at the craft store, a young girl pushed past everyone, walking up to the cashier – who was engaged in conversation with a customer – and demanded to know where more of a certain trinket was kept.  The child says to me, “Mommy, that girl didn’t even say excuse me.  That was rude!”
A few minutes later, the same girl returns and repeats the scenario.  Mine looks at me, says conspirationally, “Where is that girl’s mom? Wherever she is, she needs to teach her daughter some manners. No cookies for HER tonight, THAT’S for sure!”
The young girl shoved her way past us again, to stand in line with her mother.  Who was right behind us.